we can address a number of issues that are important to us and our customers - premium quality, sustainability of the salmon resource and the continuation of fishing resource and the continuation of fishing as a viable way of life.

Premium Quality
We have adapted fishing methods to ensure good taste and shelf life. This includes handling each fish individually, bleeding and chilling on board. We harvest Pacific Northwest salmon while they are swimming in the saltwater, so Excel fish are premium quality when we bring them aboard.

We feel strongly about the protection of U.S. salmon resources because we depend on them for our live lihoods. When resources are in balance, the salmon thrives and everyone wins. In Alaska, the salmon runs are internationally recognized as sustainable and the State’s conservative management practices mean the salmon will be around to enjoy for generations to come. In Washington, we have seen a resurgence of many of the Puget Sound salmon runs, thanks to changes in logging practices and other conservation efforts. Today the people of Puget Sound can enjoy the benefits of this work and commitment — excellent quality locally caught salmon harvested just minutes from their communities.

Economic Survival of Local Fishermen
For years, we have worked to ensure that fishing will continue to be a viable way of life in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. This work includes protecting salmon resources and also developing new direct markets for fishermen. Like the local farmers who ensure the availability of fresh locally produced vegetables and fruit, Excel fishermen provide locally caught, delicious, premium quality salmon at fair values for all.

Excel Seafoods products meet the Sound Catch handling and quality guidelines.